Milly Callegari

Milly Callegari

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Designed by Milly Callegari, a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science, our bead jewelry has caused a sensation from Milan, Italy to the South of France. Our creations are now worn by European royalty as well as lovers of fine accessories everywhere.

Using Italian cut glass, French beads, and natural gemstones sourced from around the globe, we create a varied range of products using original techniques and special wire components colored in Italy.

Particularly popular is our range of long necklaces. With expandable wire cores, our necklaces can be adjusted to different lengths to suit different situations. They can even be worn as bracelets, anklets, hair accessories, brooches, belts . . . let your imagination decide. Our products are widely used in knitted garments for winter and T-shirts for summer, as well as to decorate jeans, and as party and bridal accessories. Enjoy creating a fresh look each and every day!

Our products are also lightweight and ideal for travel. Designed to enhance the radiance of any woman’s face, the color combinations of wire and beads weave a special “Milly Magic” that is sure to leave you feeling great as well as looking your very best.